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We offer various agreements and provide full management services for properties around London. We also manage short and longer term tenancies as part of our portfolio for corporate and individual clients. Clients requiring short term rentals are usually families visiting for medical, corporate clients, professors and lecturers on assignments.


Please contact us if you would like more information or if you have a flat or house you are considering letting, we can discuss your options. Click on the link below.

Our team has a wealth of knowledge purchasing via auction and managing the refurbishment and restoration of flats and houses to ensure our clients investment is secure. We also structure Joint Venture arrangements with clients to purchase discount properties and manage the end to end process from sourcing, purchasing, refurbishment and eventual sale. This option is offers higher returns to clients. Read more...


If you are interested in purchasing via Auction, please contact us.

You can request more information about our latest projects and find out more about the services we offer. Through our investment entity, we are able to assist our clients to procure investment assets within Central and Greater London with the aim to maximize returns through rental and sales. Given our expertise in the Market, we identify high growth and demand areas (hotspots) to purchase and sell our properties. We are also experts at sourcing below market value properties via auctions.  


Please view our current availabilities and contact us for more information.





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Advice and services to help sellers maximise the value of their property;

and assist buyers manage their property transactions smoothly. We specialise in sourcing, procuring and management of properties in the greater London area. We offer fully integrated services spanning the entire scope of property acquisition and management in 3 unique investment options on a time scale best suited to our client needs.


We work with local agents with area expertise to ensure clients are well apprised and can make realistic goals in order to achieve good sales for their property.  Read more....

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We work with mortgage advisers who can source products for UK residents and non residents to help to find the best value and rates for your new home or buy to let investment mortgages.

Also, we are able to secure and structure no deposit finance deals whereby the client buys a property discounted without the need for a deposit.

If you are buying a house via mortgage for own use or investments, you will need to determine your affordability, as well as, mortgage rates and rental values in the area.


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We love to transform spaces, and adapt it to our clients requirements either to sell, live in or rent out. We particularly specialise in transforming homes to suit SHOWHOMES, Serviced Accommodation and Aparthotels implementing features from the construction phase through to the soft furnishing to create that stunning effect.

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