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We offer services to help Clients purchase properties at competitive prices and work with well reputed local agents in specific areas who have local expertise.


We want you to find the home that's right for you. We will only find and offer you homes with your particular needs in mind. We will not waste your time with "slow movers" or "high profit" homes in our portfolio.


New Home Buying: Help our clients determine a fair offer to make on new homes. Aid with home inspection to find any possible future problems with your new home purchase.


Current Home Value: We will help determine the value of your home in today's market. We want you to get the most out of your investment.


Market & Feasibility Studies: Help determine how quickly, and for what price, your current home will sell.


Appraisal to Negotiations: We are there for our clients for both home sales and home purchasing. From the start of the process to after all contracts are signed and beyond.


Buying & Selling



Below are some preparations you can make prior to contacting an agent. You can also contact us at any time and we can guide you through the entire process as well.


Buying a Home Tips

    * Get a copy of your credit report and correct any errors.

    * Reduce your consumer debt - pay down credit card balances.

    * Assemble a cash down payment.

    * Determine how much you can afford to pay monthly and                        

       compare with rental valuation in the area.

   * Decide how much you are willing to spend for a home

    * Get familiar with basic mortgage terms and mortgage rates

    * Shop for a mortgage loan online

    * Get pre-approved or at least pre-qualified for a mortgage loan.

    * Investigate neighborhoods where you want to look for a house.

    * Research the neighbourhood, trends, hotspots

    * Select two or three neighborhoods that meet your  


    * Get our help in evaluating the asking price of homes you like.

    * Contact us for more help