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Auction and discounted residential properties


Buying via Auction is one way we advise clients to maximise their return on investment. On average, a buyer is able to achieve 25-30% below market value by carefully assessing current auction offerings and identifying good vaue properties that be restored and refurbished to a good standard and then sold for a profit or maintained as a buy to let investment.


Our team specialises in the entire process and provide a seamless link into global investors seeking to transact in the following sectors in Greater London:


    Buy to Sell Investments: with a yield of 30% per annum


    Buy to Let Investments:

      a) Residential Assured Tenancy portfolios - Rental > 6 months

      b) Serviced apartments & Shortlets- Short term rentals for clients to  

         fully maximise return on rental investment.

      c) Purchasing below value property with little deposit required




We provide all the refurbishment and have a dependable development team of high quality builders we employ to develop our projects.


Please note: buying a house via the auction can be quite rewarding if done properly and with all the necessary precautions. Otherwise, it can be a very costly experience sometimes costing the purchaser a lot in unforseen fees and challenges which may not have been detected.